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Get to Know

Our Animals


Our first four alpacas arrived at the ranch in November 2019.  They came from Bluebonnet Hills Alpaca Ranch in Navasota, TX, but originated in Montana.  Their names are Cooter, Donovan, Anthony and Fintan (Fin).  We were both still working full time jobs and taking care of the animals on the side.  We picked up three more in October 2021, from Alpaca Country Estates in Oregon.  Their names are Persius (Percy), Orion, and Caelum.  And then in February, we received three more from Alpaca Country Estates.  They are Apollo, Blaze, and Astro.  At this point, John is retired and Debbie is working from home.

Donkey and Pony

Our pony, Roxy, and our donkey, Ernest, arrived at the ranch in November 2019.  These two came from some good friends of ours.  They rescued Ernest and Roxy's mom, from a kill lot.  Ernest was young and ornery, and Roxy's mom gave birth to Roxy soon after.  We adopted them and they are best friends and inseparable.  It's fun to watch them gallop through the pasture chasing each other.  They also provide a degree of protection from predators.


Livestock Guardian Dogs

Our Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs), Cagney and Lacey, were picked up in the Spring of 2020.  They had been at another alpaca farm that closed down.  A good friend of ours took the alpacas in, trying to re-home them, and asked us if we would consider taking in these two dogs so they would not end up in a shelter.  We immediately fell in love with them and they have become family.  They get along with all of the other animals and we have had no predator issues here at the ranch.

Barn Cats

These two cats were found roaming wild and were going to be left as feral cats in a neighborhood that we lived in prior to moving to the country.  We adopted them to be our barn cats and they have adapted well.  They rule the barn and catch anything that enters, snakes, mice, frogs, bugs, wasps, etc...  They are also my buddies in the workshop, when I'm working out there.


Our Long-Time Pet

This old dog, Thumper, provides security and companionship in the house.  He has been with us for many years and was rescued by someone after being thrown out of a truck window as a little puppy.  His right rear leg was shattered, but a vet was able to put him back together and we adopted him.  He is a sweet boy and loves living out in the country now.

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