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Starry Dreams Ranch

Our Ranch

Since 2019

It's a small plot of land in Northeast Waller County, just outside of Magnolia, Texas.  Most of our animals, other than the alpacas, were rescues, either by us or our friends.  They are all pampered and treated as pets, and are living the good life.  We interact with all of them daily and they are all hand fed treats at some point each day.  We are happy to show our animals off and educate others about them.  The products we sell are examples of what alpacas provide and help defray the cost of feed, shearing, vet bills, etc... for the animals.


Our Story

Local Family Farm

With a life-long fondness of animals, our interest in alpacas started one Fall, while on vacation in Vermont.  We ran across a pasture with alpacas and became very interested.  We began researching more and more and going to the alpaca events at the Houston rodeo.  Next we were visiting alpaca farms locally.   We had contemplated what we would do to stay busy when we finally retired.  John had retired from the military and was working a long second career in the corporate world, and Debbie had been working in her financial career for many years.  After meeting with a local alpaca rancher, we decided we wanted to buy some land and get a few alpacas.  Before we knew it, we had ten alpacas, a pony, a donkey, some livestock guardian dogs, and a few barn cats.  We decided that we wanted to share the alpacas with others and educate people more on these remarkable animals.

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